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BFH basic admin "fortes fortuna iuvat"

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:: In Game Name: Mr.Michael

:: Age: 22

:: Game you want to admin ? BFH

:: Previous admin Experience ? Not in such large community. However I was a acting commander and executive officer in WoT clan. 

:: Clan/community you admined for ? "[GACKI] Grota Gacków" - executive officer

https://en.wot-life.com/eu/player/OnionOfDoom-525543800/ (for a prof)

:: Describe why you want to be an admin or our servers: I want to do my port in helping CeltS rise back to the glory again

:: Why do you think you would be a good Admin ? Even without being an admin I am spectating players that are accused of using glitches/cheats, and as one of my jobs allows me to work in front of my own PC, I can do it even while not playing. (kick starting the servers will by hard for me tho, as I work evening/night shifts so quite a lot I get up when there are 30 ppl on the servers already

:: Do you accept the rules and guidelines of the TSU Server admins ? Yes, I do

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My own stupidity
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Congrats @Mr.Michael You have qualified on becoming a Basic Server Admin 

As you are a full  member off the cmty, You do not need to wait any time.

Our Admins are a very important part of the community and we are looking forward to working with you.

Please try and be active on the Discord, Forums & Our Servers.

Admins will have to reapply Each month and it will go by the performance of the last month.

Don't forget to reapply before this date 05/04/2020 just put a message in this topic.

PS: don't forget to put your Platoon Tag on [Celt] in game, As it is a requirement to be a CeltS Admin, if you have not do so already.

Welcome to the Staff 


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